Whispers The novel tells of Sarah, who in modern day, flees from the ghosts of her own past. In renting the gate lodge of a long abandoned industrial school, she tries to find peace. Instead she crosses a bridge of time and is confronted with the suffering and sacrifices that took place within the walls of this terrible place.

The demons, abandoned by Satan and unwanted in heaven, wreak havoc in their search for Armageddon. Hoping that one last sacrifice to their master will bring about the fulfilment of all his whispered promises. So here in the twenty-first century a battle is about to take place not unlike the one fought at the beginning of time by Michael and Lucifer. Only now the army of darkness must face only the love of Sarah, a grieving mother, Tom, whose heart is on the point of failing and two spirit children, one carrying a teddy bear. The odds are not good. At first, through dreams and the journal of a predecessor, a Brother Joseph, who had returned to right the wrongs that he had witnessed, only to lose his own life to the demons that remain. Soon the boys become real to her and their story told through Luke, a seven-year-old, who waits for the release of his friend, Mikey. With the help of Tom, a former inmate of the school, she sets about freeing the boys and is confronted with spectres from the past, both good and evil. The Banshee, a feared creature of myth and   legend, a harbinger of Death, whose cry has echoed through time.

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