2 comments on “Insomnia

  1. Hi Gemma

    Sorry to hear this it’s horrible and happens to me sometimes. I am starting to get interested in mindfulness which is a kind of meditative practice . Sunyata Centre http://www.sunayata.org or com near Sixmilebridge has classes which I hope to investigate in the Autumn. I went to the ‘On the nail’ reading in the Lock Bar last night and it was ghastly, so I won’t be going back. If you’re in town give me a ring for lunch on either.


    • Hi P.A

      I have decided to try Chinese medicine to try and combat the insomnia. There’s a place in Arthur’s Quay doing it so I’ll go in on Saturday and get some of their pills. I’m not tied to time when it comes to lunch so whenever you want ring me.


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